Attention: Graduate Animal Practitioners and therapists!

How To Become A Successful Practitioner Even If You Are Newly Qualified 


Discover how quickly you can build your reputation online drawing more clients to your services


Are you having problems finding clients? You are successful with the animals you have worked with and yet you are not having clients referred to you?

You have tried advertising and social media and it hasn’t worked.

It’s not your fault. Many pet owners and guardians don’t realise what therapies and techniques are available. They don’t even realise that they are available for their pets as well!

My Pet’s Review has the solution. Here we share the resources to explain the therapies to the pet owners and provide a platform for you to showcase your skills and grow your reputation.


You can have a business listing set up on My Pets Review in 15 minutes getting your business seen locally and nationally instantly.

Your satisfied clients can quickly and easily leave reviews about your business and services boosting your reputation and position in the listings.


Imagine what it would be like to see the great reviews about your business making your email account and phone ring with new clients.


For years other businesses have been promoted, reviewed and have successfully increased their client base through review websites. Just look at CheckaTrade and RatedPeople. Yet this is the ONLY review website to serve animal therapists and practitioners in the UK.


  • Give clients confidence in your skills and knowledge – it’s effortless to become Verified so that new clients can quickly and easily see that you are fully qualified, insured and align with their needs.
  • Build your reputation – receive reviews from your happy customers and respected peers. The higher your review score, the higher you are placed on the search lists.
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  • Be showcased at national pet shows – My Pets Review has already secured its exhibition stand at The Family Pet Show and The National Pet Show with Discover Dogs London, Dog Fest, Crufts and more in the pipeline. Where we go, we take you with us!


I am a canine massage and holistic therapist and I know how hard and frustrating it can to build a new business. I know from personal experience that the best way to get referrals is through word of mouth.


DEFRA and The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons have stated in their Review of Minor Procedures Regime summary of findings published March 2015 regarding the veterinary musculoskeletal sector;

The fundamental message is that the end-user should be able to make an informed choice ie be able to choose an appropriately competent person to provide the required service and stay within the law. This should include:

– An ability for the animal owner to choose a suitably qualified technician. In the survey of horse owners most (2/3) say that they used word of mouth to choose a practitioner; although 1/5 say they did receive a veterinary referral.

– A means for the owner to check the qualification of their service provider – and to know what this denotes – to avoid being confused or misled. The BEVA (British Equine Veterinary Association) survey found there to be in the region of 50 qualifications at present.”


The Local Consumer Review Survey 2017 conducted by BrightLocal have also found that;

 “85% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations”


Graduate Silver business listing

  • Receive reviews on your business listing so others can see how great you really are
  • Become a Verified listing – Improve customer confidence in your services and have your credentials Verified to be able to show the Verified logo with your listing 
  • Extended listing description (250 characters long) with 3 photos or logos
  • Easy map search functionality
  • Full contact details listed
  • Direct link to your website listed
  • Get your social media links listed including Facebook and Twitter so they can follow you and your success stories with your clients


  • Free facility for Pet guardians to message you directly so you can start working together straight away
  • Free event listing facility to promote your talks, demonstrations, fundraisers and educational workshops
  • Unlimited editing of all of your listings – because things do change

You can secure a Graduate Silver Business Listing free for the first year and then for only £40 per year

That’s right, for the price of one of your consultations you can have a year’s worth of Local and National advertising on My Pets Review!

If you fancy upgrading to the Gold Business Listing, you can sign up for £95 per year. Perfect for when you really want to make an entrance with your new venture.


If after your first year you are not completely satisfied, you can easily cancel your listing or revert to the free basic Bronze listing.



P.S. My Pets Review is the ONLY online review website for animal therapy practitioners in the UK and is an easy one-stop site for pet owners to find a Verified practitioner they trust. Research has shown that “85% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations”. You can build your business and reputation both Locally and Nationally and become the first one they call to help with their pet. But don’t delay as you can only claim this discount within 3 months of qualifying. After that, you will need to pay full price!


P.P.S If you feel you not ready for the Silver or Gold Business listings, then there is the FREE Bronze business listing so you don’t completely miss out. I know first-hand the amazing work you do and want to help you have the success you deserve! Check it out here…