Verified on My Pet’s Review logo download

  • Only available for Silver and Gold business listings.
  • You can use this logo on your own website, with the business listing URL embedded in the logo, to direct clients to your business listing so that they can read and leave reviews.
  • Please allow a few days for me to carry out the Verification after you create your listing and have uploaded your documents.
  • The Verification status on your business listing will be automatically updated following approval.
  • You will receive an email confirming Verification along with the password for downloading the logo for use on your website and marketing material.
  • I may need to request some details to help with the verification process but this will only be for a copy of your insurance policy documents and certificates that you can upload below.



Need to upload files so that you can be Verified? 

  • To be Verified you need to provide a copy of your qualification certificates (mandatory), insurance policy documents (mandatory), professional association certificate (if applicable).
  • If you didn’t upload these files when you originally created your business listing you can use this form below to upload all the documents required.
  • All file types are accepted. If you don’t have a scanner, you could even just take a photo of the document and upload that! 
  • Please make sure you batch your files according to category i.e. certificate, insurance policy documents, professional association certificate.
  • All documents are stored securely and protected as per the Privacy Policy. Basically, no one has access to these documents except for My Pets Review and are used solely for the verification process. It’s all kept nice and safe for your protection.