Canine Bowen Technique Association – Previously European Guild of Canine Bowen Therapists (EGCBT) (as of 24/05/2018)


What is the key ethos/message that your organisation stands for?

The European Guild of Canine Bowen Therapists was set up in 2004 at the request of their first group of students to create a network of properly skilled and experienced Canine Bowen Technique practitioners who are able to work alongside other professionals in the canine world to help dogs – vets, trainers, behaviourists, rescue centres, hydrotherapists, nutritionists, etc.

Our philosophy is:

  • Listening to and working in partnership with the dog.
  • Creating a relationship of trust to maximize the effect of treatment.
  • Never forcing a treatment on a dog against its wishes.
  • Using a holistic approach to treatment.
  • Recognising that dogs are a separate species and have their own needs and requirements.
  • Working collaboratively with the vets in the best interests of the dog.
  • Canine Bowen Technique is not a substitute/replacement for normal veterinary care, it is complementary and is only available on veterinary referral.

Please see our website for further details:


How did your organisation come about? What are your roots?

Canine Bowen Technique (CBT) is based on the principles of the Bowen Technique, a successful human therapy named after its developer, Tom Bowen (1916-1982), which was developed in Australia during the 1950’s, and brought to the UK in the early 1990’s.

The adaption of Bowen in the UK for use on dogs was started in 2001 by Bowen therapists and dog trainers/behaviourists Sally and Ron Askew, who started on their own dogs, and then, with the cooperation and support of their local vets, integrated their findings into their canine behavioural and rehabilitation work with great success. In 2004 they founded the European Guild of Canine Bowen Therapists (EGCBT) and the EGCBT Practitioner course bringing this exciting modality both to the UK and to mainland Europe.

In 2017 Sally & Ron Askew retired and with Sally & Ron’s blessing, the members of EGCBT are currently in the process of forming Canine Bowen Technique Association (CBTA) to continue the important work, and philosophy of EGCBT. CBTA will maintain support for its members and the public, offer guidance, appropriate CPD opportunities and ensure CBT training and its practitioner members continue to be of the highest professional standard in the UK.


Please provide a brief synopsis of this technique

Canine Bowen Technique AssociationCanine Bowen Technique (CBT) is a soft-tissue remedial technique which involves ‘light-touch’ moves of fingers or thumbs over muscle, ligament, tendon and/or fascia at specific points of the dog’s body. The work is very subtle and has no hard or prolonged pressure, offering dogs a gentle, non-invasive and effective hands-on technique that aims to promote healing, pain-relief, and body/energy rebalancing.

CBTA practitioners do not treat conditions, they work with the dog as a whole, working holistically. Clients which we see in the clinic may often be living with:

  • Allergies and Skin conditions
  • Arthritis and Muscular Sprains & Strains
  • Back problems
  • Lameness and other Gait problems
  • Hip & Elbow Dysplasia
  • Working or Competition dogs
  • Dogs that pull on the lead
  • Aggression and other Behavioural problems
  • Stress & Anxiety disorders
  • Cystitis & Urinary disorders
  • Recurrent Ear problems
  • Sciatica
  • Elderly dogs or dogs who have chronic conditions (offering periodic maintenance/support)

What are the standards and requirements of becoming a member of your organisation?

The EGCBT Practitioner course in Canine Bowen Technique is currently the only developed course in Bowen for dogs approved for continuous professional development training by the Bowen Therapy Professional Association (BTPA) and the Bowen Association (UK).

In order to become a member of CBTA, applicants must: –

  • Have successfully completed the EGCBT/CBTA practitioner course.
  • Confirmed commitment to EGCBT/CBTA Code of Ethics and Professional Practice.
  • Have professional Indemnity Insurance covering their work with dogs.
  • Submit evidence of having successfully completed a course of training in human Bowen Technique. 


  • We do NOT insist that CBTA members continue to practice human Bowen or belong to BTPA or BAUK, merely that, at the time of application, they have successfully completed a human Bowen training course.
  • Vets and other accepted full-time animal health-care professionals are not required to complete the full human Bowen training in order for them to become members of CBTA, although all students will be required to have completed the Introductory Level tuition in Human Bowen Technique prior to starting the Canine Bowen Technique course.

Ongoing membership

In order to retain their membership, members must: –

  • Have professional Indemnity Insurance covering their work with dogs.
  • Continue to undertake the minimum Continuous Professional Development (CPD) activities each year in order to maintain and further develop the member’s skills, standards, and expertise. In 2018 CPD is currently two days activities each year, further detailed info is given at the time of application and annually with membership renewals.

What can customers expect from your members?

  • Practitioners that are properly trained and insured, who adhere to strict set standards of practice as well as training. CBTA practitioners continue to fulfill annual CPD as well as work within a strict code of ethics/practice.
  • Practitioners work within the guidelines of the law, in collaboration with veterinarians and on vet referral only, considering the welfare of the animal at all times.
  • Practitioners who have an understanding of the species, offer choice in a session and who work holistically, not treating conditions.
  • Complaints procedure in place.

What can members expect from the organisation?

  • Support for their work with dogs using Canine Bowen Technique.
  • Further training/CPD workshops.
  • An organisation that is engaged at the highest level with regulations, standards and ensuring the future of its practitioners in the professional world.
  • A practitioner listing for the public to find properly qualified practitioners adhering to set standards of training and annual CPD as well as adhering to a strict code of ethics/practice.

Are you affiliated with any particular training school(s) or programmes?

Canine Bowen Technique AssociationMembership is available on completion of the EGCBT Practitioner course in Canine Bowen Technique as taught by EGCBT’s properly trained and authorized teachers. Student membership is available during a practitioner’s training. Please see CBTA/EGCBT website for an up to date list of teachers/training providers in the UK and abroad.

  • Training is approximately 1 year
  • 20 case studies to qualify
  • 4 assignments to qualify

Do you provide CPD opportunities to both members within your organisation and outside it?

CPD predominantly available for members only, with occasional CPD workshops/talks available to the public & other canine professionals.

Are you affiliated with other organisations? Local, national and international, registers, DEFRA, RCVS?

The EGCBT Practitioner course in Canine Bowen Technique is currently the only developed course in Bowen for dogs approved for continuous professional development training by both the Bowen Therapy Professional Association (BTPA) and the Bowen Association (UK).

Are there any campaigns that your organisation is presently working on?

Currently involved in the regulation of non-veterinary animal professionals in the UK.

How to contact the Canine Bowen Technique Association?

Facebook page(s): European Guild of Canine Bowen Therapists and Canine Bowen Technique Association.

European Guild of Canine Bowen Therapists:

Canine Bowen Technique Association:


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