As holistic therapists we come into the world of business through our passion. It’s usually that we have a love for helping others or have experienced transformation and would like to help others on a similar path. It’s not often the case that we decide we’d like a business and then go and think about what form that business would take! Our businesses are born at the end of our training and we come out of that process feeling enthused that we’ve found our calling and yet daunted at the prospect of actually creating a business and an income. And we soon realise how much there is to do! From the practicalities of setting up, the colours and branding and designing the look and feel of it, fine tuning our message….to actually attracting paying clients. At the end of our training, certificate in hand and joy in our hearts, we soon find we’re overwhelmed at what steps to take and at that fragile stage in our business, it can really knock one’s confidence.

Well, fear not! Sarah is on hand to help you break down the process of setting up a business and attracting paying clients. She aims to simplify each step and brings both structure and energy alignment to this work so you can ensure your head and heart are working in harmony.

Sarah has developed her V.I.B.E.S process so you can tune in to each stage of your business, depending on where you are. Vision, Initial set up and finances, Branding and marketing, Energy alignment and mindset, Sustainability and scale. In this series we will be looking at these various aspects and helping you to get clarity around your direction and purpose so you can spend more time doing what you love, which is helping others and making a difference.

Sarah Sienkiewicz is a Strategy & Alignment Coach. She runs Healing Business and is passionate about giving healers, coaches and therapists the support and business skills needed to attract an abundance of clients and fulfil their divine life purpose. Blending practical resources with law of attraction and energy alignment, Sarah’s creative and enthusiastic approach is an inspiration to lightworkers in her community, the Healing Business Academy.

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