Some quick pointers before you start with your listing – really useful to read!

  • Unless it has a red star, you can always come back and edit your listing if you don’t have all the information to hand yet. Just pop into your “Profile” and voila. Unlimited editing.
  • All uploaded pictures MUST be LESS than 2MB.
  • All weblinks MUST include http(s).
  • The “Address” does not have to be your home address. A lot of us work from home but want to keep those details private and as such, you can just add a different address or drag and drop the pin on the map – it auto fills the address details for you. The latitude and longitude also auto fills – so just ignore these.

If you need any guidance with filling in this form, have a look at the Tutorials here… ⇒

Need to upload files so that your business can be Verified? 

  • IF YOU ARE APPLYING FOR THE GRADUATE LISTING – UPLOAD YOUR CERTIFICATE NOW! Otherwise, I will upgrade you to the normal Silver Practitioner listing and send an invoice for payment and neither of us wants to do that…
  • For other business listings, you don’t have to do this now if you do not have the documents to hand but it’s easier for you to do it all at the same time and then you can forget about it.  You can also upload these documents on the “Verification” page found on the drop-down main menu “Account” if you are unable to do it now. Verification will not be approved until all required documents have been received for review.
  • Only required for Silver and Gold business listings.
  • To be Verified you need to provide a copy of your qualification certificates (mandatory), insurance policy documents (mandatory), professional association certificate (if applicable). You can use this form to upload all the documents required before filling in your listing details.
  • All file types are accepted. If you don’t have a scanner, you can upload a photo of the document.
  •  Please make sure you batch your files according to category i.e. certificate, insurance policy documents, professional association certificate.
  • All documents are stored securely and protected as per the Privacy Policy. Basically, no one has access to these documents except for My Pets Review and are used solely for the verification process. It’s all kept nice and safe for your protection.