My Pets Review, the who and why

Hi, I am Helen. I am a practising canine massage sports and holistic therapist myself and understand the hard work and passion that goes into our work. My 3-year training spans a wide range of subjects so that I could provide a truly holistic view of animal therapy and advice that I could provide. The most difficult thing was to decide what to do first! With so many therapies available I spent weeks researching each of them to find what I believed to be a good fit for myself. It is this research that I conducted at the beginning of my training that has provided the basis of the “Therapy Room” and “Registers and Associations Brief” part of My Pets Review. I have done the digging so that I could choose the best training for myself and from that, you can now make your own choice as to what would be the best therapy and therapist for your pet.

When I completed my training I was told that word of mouth was the best way to advertise but how was I to get that word out in to the world? I was spending time trying to get my happy clients to speak out to others about the work that I had done for them but was finding it frustratingly slow. I quickly learnt that I was not alone with this frustration and was discovering that it would take years in order to develop a reputation that was good enough to sustain a career. Then it dawned on me. There are online review sites for holidays, tradespersons and all sorts of goods but nothing for animal therapists! And the beginnings of My Pets Review began to germinate.

My personal and professional insights and experience allow me to cut through the industry jargon so that I can clearly show what each of the therapies and professional bodies has to offer. I also shed light on the more unheard therapies that have the potential to assist in the healing of our animals. With an open mind, you may discover the missing link to your pet’s recovery.

I have also had the honour and privilege to work alongside the most talented and passionate animal therapists and healers who’s love for their work extends to giving up their time and expertise for free to help animal rescue centres with in the UK and abroad. It is for these amazing people that I have created My Pets Review so that their light can shine for all to see.

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